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Wood Recycling

Wood recycling includes recovering items like crates, pallets, lumber, studs, concrete formwork and beams. Mostly produced from packaging materials, wood waste is the largest material found in construction and manufacturing debris.

Wood Recycling Process

After wood is recovered from mixed debris, it is further cleaned and graded into clean (unpainted and untreated) wood and engineered woods.

The horizontal grinder drags the wood waste to the hammer mill. As the mill spins, the hammers break down the wood into chips. The screen size behind the hammer mill controls the size of wood chips that is allowed through the grinder.

After the screen, the chips pass by a magnet that removes any remaining nails, brackets or other steel. Clean wood chips are made into mulch products with further processing and dying. Engineered wood chips go through additional processing and are made into fuel products. This completes the wood recycling process.

wood recycling

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