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Rubble Recycling

Rubble recycling, including brick, block, concrete, CMU, masonry, stone, and asphalt, is a huge component of construction and industrial debris. Waste is generated from the demolition and renovation of brick buildings, concrete slabs, cinder block walls, stone structures, and masonry penetrations; it is produced to a lesser extent in new construction and other sources.

Rubble Recycling Process

Concrete crushers hammer the material until it is fine enough to pass through the screen. Magnets remove any metal (like rebar) that is freed in the crushing process. The rubble is screened to a variety of sizes from 6” to ¼”. The different sized products are used in various applications.

Large pieces are used in drainage ditches, or temporary roads, as they allow water to pass through and prevent puddles and mud pits. Finer pieces are used in many applications including road base, grading and backfilling (fill products).

Concrete, brick, and other rubble recycling

Other Materials

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