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Plastic Recycling

Plastics typically found in construction and industrial debris include HDPE buckets, storm pipe, corner beads, crates, shrink wrap, poly sheeting and much more.

Plastic Recycling Process

Plastic recycling is quite complex due to the many different types and combinations of plastics (~2,000). The various grades and types must be separated and isolated before any processing can occur. This step in the plastic recycling process is quite challenging and is the reason why most plastic waste is landfilled.

Once a particular type of plastic is isolated, the debris is fed through a series of shredders, washers and vacuums to size and clean the material. The clean shredded chips are fed to an extruder where they are melted, extruded and chopped into small pellets. The pellets are shipped to manufacturers and molders where they will be formed into new plastic products. Film plastics, including shrink wrap, poly sheeting, visqueen, etc., are baled and transported to facilities where the material is graded, washed and ground into plastic flakes.

Plastic Recycling

Other Materials

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