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Ceiling Tile Recycling

Mineral fiber and fiberglass acoustical ceiling tiles (ACT) can be recycled into new ceiling tile products. Ceiling Tile recycling carries additional requirements than other material types. Before the tile can be recycled, the project site must be preapproved by Armstrong World Industries, who accepts the post-consumer recycled content back into their manufacturing process. The preapproval process ensures the tiles are not contaminated with asbestos and that the recycled content is safe to be reprocessed into new ceiling products.

Ceiling Tile Recycling Process

Acoustical ceiling tile that has been approved for recycling is typically separated and palletized at the project site before being delivered to the recycling facility. The material is consolidated with other approved materials until a full load of ceiling tile is ready to be shipped to Armstrong. There, the pallets of ceiling tile are used as material feedstock in the manufacturing process.

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