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Got questions about Dumpster Rentals or Recycling Services? Check out our FAQ below or contact us with any questions.

How far in advance should I call for container service?
Container service is guaranteed with a minimum of 2 business days of notice. Service requests within 48 hours will be accommodated if scheduling permits.
How long can I keep the container at my site?
Dumpster rentals may sit at your site for up to one week at no additional charge. Dumpsters sitting longer than one week may be subject to a rental fee.
Are you open on holidays?
We are open on most holidays except New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We occasionally, but rarely, close early on other holidays and days with extreme weather (hurricanes, blizzards, etc.). Please call to confirm our operating hours if you are unsure.
Do I need a permit for my dumpster rental?
You may need a permit depending on where your site is located; check with your municipality for their requirements. Revolution Recovery is not responsible for obtaining dumpster permits nor are we responsible for any fines incurred for failure to comply with city regulations. If your site is in the City of Philadelphia, you can call this number (215) 686-5500 or follow this link. Note: In Philadelphia, dumpster renters are required to have a permit when the dumpster is located on a city street or sidewalk. Dumpsters must be placed on plywood and covered with a tarp when not in use.
Will the container damage my ground surface?
We recommend placing plywood under the wheels of the dumpster if it is being placed on an asphalt driveway, street or parking area, especially in warmer weather. Dumpsters should be placed on stable ground; soft surfaces such as lawn or dirt are not recommended since the weight of the container will cause the dumpster to settle into the ground and it will become especially difficult to remove in the rain. Revolution Recovery is not responsible for damage to the ground surface.
How can I secure my dumpster rental?
On unsecured sites, we suggest tarping your dumpster when it is not in use to prevent unwanted debris from ending up in your container. Tarps can be purchased through us or any home supply store. If you are concerned about security or theft from your container, ask us about closed-top containers for your site.
What do I need to do to prepare for container service?
Before your dumpster rental is scheduled to arrive or be picked-up, we recommend that you block off the necessary area for the truck and container, making sure that the dumpster is not blocked in by vehicles. We also recommend having someone onsite to accept the delivery and that all gates be unlocked prior to delivery or pickup. Please also note that dry, stable ground is required for dumpster delivery and pickup. Service may not be available if ground is excessively wet or muddy.
I would like to put my dumpster rental in a tight space. What are the truck clearances?
To deliver your dumpster, there needs to be about 70’ length on the ground (for the truck and dumpster) and about 35’ overhead (for the container to roll off of the truck). Consider any low-hanging wires, trees or porches that may be in the area before deciding where to place your dumpster.
What can I put in my dumpster rental?
You can put all construction, demolition, industrial and manufacturing debris into your dumpster EXCEPT this list of materials we don’t accept.
Do I need to separate my materials?
Most customers choose to commingle materials into one dumpster for convenience. Some materials (clean wood, drywall, cardboard, and metal) may offer a cost savings if you separate them at your site. If you have a lot of rubble, you should keep it separate to avoid overweight container charges at the commingled rate. Separated materials should be identified at the scale or over the phone with our dispatch team before the materials come into our yard.
How full can I fill my container?
Containers of mixed material should not be filled past the top edge of the dumpster. Trucks cannot haul containers that are over 38,000 pounds. If you are disposing of heavy materials, such as rubble, you should use a smaller container (10yd3, 12yd3, 15yd3 or 20yd3) and consult with the Revolution Recovery team to prevent having an overweight dumpster. Overloaded or overweight containers that cannot be removed from site may incur an additional charge.
What types of payments do you accept?
Payment for dumpster rentals must be secured by a credit or debit card prior to delivery. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express (+3% fee). We accept cash payment for materials being dropped off at our Philadelphia facility. If dropping off materials in Delaware, please call ahead to make payment arrangements.
Do I need an appointment to drop off material to one of your facilities?
Our Philadelphia, PA facility can accommodate drop-off customers with no advance notice during normal business hours. Our New Castle, DE and Allentown, PA facilities requires customers to call first with payment information.

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